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Main Product List


Northstar Appliances




1950's Styled Appliances: * Refrigerator      

* Range, Wall Oven &

   Hood Vents


* Microwave Oven &

Dishwasher Panels

  * Check out our Specs!








 Everything is custom manufactured and comes nine* cool retro colors - White, Bisque, Black, Quicksilver, Robin's Egg Blue, Flamingo Pink, Mint Green, Buttercup Yellow, and Candy Red - all designed to create the ultimate 50's kitchen appearance. All appliances are Energy Star rated for energy efficiency and Northstar proudly manufactures in Canada.

*Custom paint colours are available. Please speak to a Sales Associate for pricing*


Gas Pumps

We carry a large selection of gas pumps in fiberglass and aluminum. We can custom make the gas pumps to fit your needs. Turn your gas pump into a television cabinet, gumball machine, computer terminal or beer dispenser!


Gas pumps are also available as standard and showcase models.

Texaco Gas Pump Gulf Gas - Display Case  
















Popcorn Machines & Supplies


We carry one of the largest selection of vintage popcorn and vintage style popcorn machines as well as supplies for home and commercial use.

Popcorn prepacks in stock available for all 4 oz., 6 oz., and 8 oz. kettle poppers. All at the lowest prices in Canada shipped from Cambridge, Ontario.






We carry several lines of clocks for any room of the house, kitchen clocks, alarm clocks, advertising clocks, neon clocks, retro clocks, Kit Kat clock, etc...

Diner Booths


A clever seating arrangement for small kitchens or to complete the retro style in your kitchen. 2 benches and 1 table providing comfortable seating for 4 large adults. All booths are commercial quality and come with a warranty. Let us custom build a diner booth for your kitchen.

Outdoor Patio Furniture


1950's Style Metal Lawn Furniture...  Just like Mom and Dad had, only better!




We carry a large selection of Poodle skirts and accessories, as well as 1950's style bowling shirts - both printed and non-printed.

Our Canadian Heritage clothing line consists of Hats, T-shirts, Sweaters, Jackets, Shoulder bags, Kit bags and more! Featuring Canadian Icons such as the Avro Arrow,

De-Havilland, Canadian Airways, Canadian Mounted Police, and the CBC to name a few.





If you're looking for a Retro Jukebox, Radio, Telephone or a retro-styled record player that will transfer songs to your computer, we've got them. Check out our large selection of electronics here. Just Added - Arcade Game Consoles.





You've got to see them all, to believe them all... We carry a large (and we mean large!) selection of signs for all occassions. This site is constantly updating as we get new stuff in, so be sure to check back often.


Pedal Cars


We have a large selection of pedal cars, Limited Edition models with working headlights and horns, and several different modesl fo tractors. In stock now!

Leg Lamps -  We have leg lamps from the movie ' A Christmas Story'. This unique stylish (?) lamp comes in four sizes, a full size 40" lamp, a full size 42" lamp,  a smaller 26" version, and a 20" desk lamp .

Jukeboxes - All the style of the old time jukeboxes with the combination of the newest in electronics and sound quality. We sell a variety of Jukeboxes from Rock-Ola that include - the Bubbler, Peacock, Gazelle and the Harley Davidson models. The Rock-Ola jukeboxes are the best available in CD and Digital models.

Chrome Dinette
Sets - You can custom order any combination of table and chair sets for your liking. Tables come in round, oval and square tops with several leg styles available. Sizes vary and you can add a leave for added table length.You may also choose from a collection of 1950's style laminate selections boomerang, cracked ice and multi colours. The chairs come in several styles also - handle back, button back, standard, V back. The chairs can be ordered in many vinyl selections reminiscent of the 50's. Guaranteed lowest prices in Canada !
All Chrome Dinette Sets we sell are Manufactured in Canada or the USA.

Entertainment Centres  

Vintage Arcade Games
- We have in inventory a selection of unrestored vintage arcade games from the 1930's to 1960's.We also have a large inventory of wood rail pinball legs. Other vintage items such as amusement park rides, vending machines, etc are also listed here. 

Scooter - 1950's Retro style scooter designed for short commutes or leisurely drives.
The first all electric zero emission motor scooter designed for public roads. A clean responsible transportation alternative with style. 


Retro Candy

We are now stocking your favourite candy from years gone by! Do you remember Neco Wafers? MacKintosh's Toffee? Love Hears? Lucky Elephant Pink Popcorn? Beeman's Gum? Atomic Fireballs? Mojo's? What about Thrills Gum that tastes like soap? We have all of these and many more available in our store right now... Check out our Retro Candy page for up to date lists of what's currently available
Bottled Pop - NEW! - Pepsi in the original Glass bottle!
We carry a large assortment of pop from days gone by - over 125 varieties for you to choose from! Root Beer, Cream Soda, Cola, Birch Beer, Sarsparilla, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple... Sold individually, in cases of 6, 12 and 24 - pick your flavours and make your own variety pack.
Also available - select flavours in the cooler! Perfect for those warm summer days.


Games & Novelty


Two new pages have been added to our website family this week! Check out our work in progress and let us know what else you would like to see on the site.

Games includes our Board games (Monopoly, Clue & Risk), Classic games (Rock'em Sock'em Robots, Kerplunk and Snakes & Ladders) and then a large assortment of newer games that include Big Bang Theory and Duck Dynasty.

Novelty is our Magnets, Buttons, Pajamas, Joke Shop, and really just a bunch of stuff that I felt should be on our website, but I wasn't sure where to put it just yet!

       For more information or to place an order please call 1-519-740-6367      



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